Seasonal Study Tours: United States of America


What is a Study Tour?


A study tour is a travel experience with specific learning goals. Study tours emphasize experiential learning and are designed to be fun and educational. Study tours allow students to approach their area of study in a hands-on way; combining theory with real life experience and cultural perspective. They also give you the chance to see America in a meaningful way and visit places and people you would never otherwise have access to. Make America your classroom with the Options Group. 

Meet Americans Your Age


International students have many opportunities every day to make new friends and explore American culture at an American Primary or Secondary School. American students are eager to learn more about the global community and welcome the opportunity to make new international friends. We encourage program participants to share their experiences and viewpoints with American students and to reach out in friendship. Friendship will surely be returned. 

Make the Most of Your Environment


Reading and writing can never replace listening and speaking as the best way to improve your English. It’s only when you have an opportunity to listen and speak, can you truly develop your English fluency. 

By attending classes at an Options Group partner school, you will attend classes alongside American students. Through study in an English only environment, you can make the most out of your travel experience by being as active as possible. --Don’t sit quietly in class, actively engage in conversations with your classmates, embrace small-talk as a staple of your daily routine and try to talk about as many topics as you can. Your English will improve faster than you can even imagine.

Have Fun While Learning


Stretching your mind, your skills or your body are all integral parts of many travelers’ vacations. Educational vacations and learning excursions, let you combine your favorite activities, experience new cultures and learn new skills, while having fun. English language study tours are a fun and effective way to learn or improve your English. 

Students have English language classes in the morning and interesting and fun activities or local excursions in the afternoon.

Our partner schools strive to provide experiences that are both enjoyable and challenging. All courses emphasize confidence building and the development of English language fluency in a lively and authentic context.

Customizable and Comprehensive

A Program to Match Your Needs


Carefully Selected Schools & Accommodations


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Available course length options

During the Academic Year

This program serves both individuals as well as small groups during the school year. It is available for primary or secondary school students and is available for 2, 4 or 6-week programs.

During the Summer

This is a "group only" program available, for 2, 3 or 4 week programs. It is available for students ages 11 through 19, during the summer months.

During an Academic Semester

This is a 5-month program available for primary and secondary schools students (individuals and groups) during the 1st or 2nd semester of the academic year.

Make the World your classroom

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