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Pre-K and K Programs


Our American Pre-K And Kindergarten Programs Are Designed To Cultivate A Child’s Natural Desire To Explore And Learn In A Structured Environment.

Secondary School Programs


Study Abroad, Study Abroad At Home Or Both?

Pre-Kindergaten and Kindergarten Programs

Developed in the USA


Early childhood is the time to lay the foundation for future learning.

In order to develop a well-rounded child; enthusiastic about learning, our program seeks to introduce young children to self-discipline and the joy of learning. Thereby producing a self-assured child, -ready for the next level of learning.

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Secondary School Programs

Developed In the USA


American Secondary School Diploma Programs Offered from US Schools through The Options Group.

Digital Learning Programs

Online Courseware from the Options Group

Study Globally, Learn Locally

English Proficiency Evaluation

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The Rise of Transnational Education

Transnational Education Programs between US and Asian Education providers are becoming more and more common, not only amongst Colleges and Universities, but between Public and Private Secondary Schools as well. 

We are Available Locally

We work with experienced school management and property developers in Asia  to create quality learning opportunities for Asian students, whereby they can earn a recognized US High School diploma in 1 to 3 years of study, through the Options Group and our US-based School Partners. 

Growth Oriented

The Transnational Education Sector is growth oriented. The growing consumer class in Asia will expand into a new segment of students who are willing to pay for a global educational experience while staying in their home country or region.

Study Abroad at Home

This new group of Transnational education seeking students, differ from traditional “study abroad” segments of students as they look for educational advancement and quality without having to go very far from home for an entire course of study. 

Meeting the Challenge

The needs of transnational students, combined with a changing economic  landscape in Asia, requires a forward thinking approach to engage this population. As this new segment of student expands, those who have global aspirations will find more and more educational opportunities locally. 

An Opportunity Awaits

This new reality presents a  unique opportunity for US and Asian education providers to understand the needs of  local populations and then, engage them through innovative transnational education programs. 



We Can Assist Our Partners By Providing A Wide Selection Of Services Which Can Be Contracted Individually Or As Part Of A Comprehensive Package

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