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SAT Preparation



Our 200-course hour SAT Preparation Course is designed to give our students intelligent and effective techniques to raise their SAT scores considerably. 

Toefl Preparation



Our 200-course hour Toefl iBT assesses all four language skills -listening, reading, writing and speaking - and places emphasis on critical thinking and analytical skills.

GRE Preparation



GRE scores are crucial when it comes to graduate school admissions, academic scholarships and fellowships. Our course will help students to sharpen their verbal, and analytical writing skills to maximize their score. 

GMAT Preparation



This course is designed to aid students in succeeding on the GMAT exam. Our course strives to improve student chances of gaining admission to top graduate schools of business.

IELTS Preparation


Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.  

Students build confidence and develop language skills and test taking techniques for the different tasks and questions across a range of common IELTS exam topics. 

TOEIC Preparation



The TOEIC preparation course is designed to help students develop test-taking skills. Our intensive course is focus on developing taking strategies while improving critical thinking skills. 

US Citizenship Exam



The U.S. citizenship test is a required step in the naturalization process to become a citizen of the United States and this course offers the ideal preparation.  This comprehensive course covers US history and government structures, in a multiple-choice format. 

ELTiS Preparation



This ELTIS integrated course of study is designed for test takers at all English proficiency levels to develop their English language skills within a short time period. Our well-designed and effective course materials provide a highly structured, review-based framework of the basics of the English language. 




The Options Group’s Intensive English Program (IEP) provides students with an opportunity to develop their language skills in a stimulating and dynamic classroom environment. Our curriculum is designed to encompass the study and practice of all aspects of the language (grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, speaking, and pronunciation).

EAP: Writing



This course is designed for students who wish to build on their vocabulary acquisition skills, improve their academic writing skills, and become more confident and successful writers as well as readers. 




Pronunciation and accent reduction, is a comprehensive pronunciation course, designed to help students enjoy speaking English well.  This course addresses the crux of most pronunciation problems by emphasizing elements of English phonology

Understanding American Idioms



Increase your fluency of English through the mastery of common American Idioms. Our Course offers a wide variety of activities that provide students with opportunities to hear, read, and produce idioms in interesting and engaging ways.

Public Speaking and Debate


This course is designed specifically for students participating in class and contest debates. Designed to support the ESL student, it offers students clear, concise information on public speaking and debating.

Survival English



This course is intended for students who have some degree of literacy, a small speaking vocabulary, and knowledge of the alphabet, this 3-volume course series teaches the language and coping skills necessary in everyday living.

Intensive Vocabulary



This course provides intermediate to high-intermediate students hands-on preparation for understanding mid-frequency vocabulary, such as those found in novels, newspapers, films, and social or workplace settings.

Speak Like US



The Options Group Speak like US course has been carefully designed to capture the imagination of young minds by offering colorful class materials, child friendly themes and a wealth of student-centered, skill-building activities which build confidence and competence in using their new language.

Early Learners Complete IEP



This multi level course (5 in total) focuses on understanding on phonics, root words, prefixes and suffixes and their role in the development of reading abilities. Integrated activities, which include grammar exercises, in the curriculum, combine exercises in decoding or recognizing and pronouncing words using curricular textbooks to allow children to focus these skills in reading for meaning.

Business English



Our English for Business professionals course is a multi component course, which uses authoritative authentic sources to explore topical business issues. It helps to build the professional standard of language needed to communicate in the modern business world.

Teacher Training Courses

Introduction to EFL Instructions


•Introduction to the Course/ Materials/Assignments

•Principles Of Second Language Acquisition

•Creating A Student Centered Learning Environment

•Bringing Teacher Talk Time To A Minimum

•Addressing Student Difficulties In The Language Learning Process

•Classroom Management Techniques

•Detailed Lesson Planning

•How To Teach Integrated Skills Communicatively

•Effective Strategies For Use In The Multi-Level Classroom

•Creative Ways To Incorporate English Grammar In A Classroom Setting

•Correction: A Positive Approach To Language Mistakes

Advanced EFL Instruction Part I



•Teaching English Grammar Communicatively •Effective Communication Across Cultures •Teaching Vocabulary Techniques •Teaching Exam Preparation Courses Effectively •Testing And Evaluating ESL Students, •Teaching Vocabulary Through Contextualized Learning Activities, •Icebreaker Activities For The First Day Of Class, •Effective Use of ESL Teaching Materials and Resources. •Teaching Pronunciation •Teaching Idioms, Expressions, Phrasal Verbs and Slang •Creating an active learning environment in a single culture classroom •Incorporating Student Feedback into the Classroom  

Advanced EFL Instruction Part II


•How to adapt to and accommodate different learning styles

•Phonology (IPA chart), ways to teach pronunciation successfully (stress, syllables, intonation, etc.)

•Techniques for Effective Class Discussions & Balanced Student Participation

•Pre-Departure Planning, Culture Shock and Adaptation

•Teaching Evaluations and Assessment

•Instructor Feedback and Peer Evaluations

•Developing strategies for motivating high-level students.

•Morphology, semantics, syntax, and phonology of language